This month's theme is “Live Your Dreams.” These resources are designed to inspire and support you on your spiritual journey. Please use this affirmation to enhance and enrich your daily spiritual practice: I design my life in cooperation with the Divine.

Featured Articles

Manifesting Destiny by Toni Lapp
The first step in achieving your goals is to visualize them. Treasure maps, also known as vision boards, are tools you can employ toward that end.

Great Expectations = Great Success by Judy Zerafa
What we expect in our lives is almost always what we get. The good news is that you can change your expectations.

Your Thought is Your Life by Rev. Art Holt
Like the signal from a radio or television station, our energy is not visible, so we live our lives unaware of the power that resides within and around us.

Say Yes to What Really Matters in Your Life by Martha Lynn
When we listen to our higher self, choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions take on a whole new realm of possibility.


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