remIn a predominantly Christian country like ours, where the same traditional Christian rhetoric is amid across many denominations, Unity stands out with its powerful conviction and practice of Christ's profound wisdom. Unity does not seek to convert you from one religion to another. Instead, it invites you to deepen your own faith, while seeing its beauty through the Christian lens. It invites you to find Christ not as a superhero outside to save you, but the very active living essence of God within. Because that sacred essence permeates us, connects us, heals us. In a divided and wounded world we have, Unity, for the last century, continuously stays true and lives up to its name.  - Rem Tanauan, Facilitator and Teacher


sallyUnity has transformed my life. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I strengthened myself to be a totally POSITIVE THINKER and DOER. I learned the principles of Prosperity and how I can manifest my dreams and desires in accordance with the Divine Order. I had awesome experiences of manifestations which I never thought of before I became a member of Unity. - Sally Magat, President of Unity Philippines


PongUnity made me realize what an Awesome God We have! God is in all of us. It's God's greatest pleasure that we enjoy the Love, the People and All His creations to the Fullest! God created us amazingly by design and in us, He gave us the power to create amazing wonders and experiences by what we choose to think, feel and believe! I know I make God smile when I'm Being Simply Marvelous. - Pong Rivera, Visual Artist & Innovator



Unity to me is Oneness with the Creator and with everyone and everything created. If u feel that Oneness, you will always feel empowered in about everything that comes to your life .... there will always peace and harmony. - Susan "Chuchi" Villar, VP, Unity Philippines Spiritual Center



Unity to me is celebrating the greatness of every individual and appreciating diversity. - Reg Tan, Energy Healer, Author, Blogger



In practicing Unity's teachings, I have become more forgiving and more understanding. I don't easily get as mad anymore! - Milo Bondoc, Treasurer, Unity Philippines