See It Right

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

In Unity there is a saying: “To set it right, see it right!” This is a clue to the proper use of our God-given faculty of imagination. In order to change conditions in our mind, body and affairs, we must first transform the pictures we are holding in mind. … If we don't like the conditions we are attracting, we can change them by building new images with the eye of the mind, our faculty of imagination.

We have what amounts to a continuously running moving-picture show being shown on a screen in our mind. Here we view our world, review past events, and project future experiences. If we project flickering images of first one thing and then another into our inner theater, we will express or attract a mixture of experiences, good and bad, in our life.

However, by learning to the make the right use of this important faculty and by making sure it is continuously guided and directed by the Christ, or God Self, of our being, we can develop an imagination that will not only serve us well, but will also provide tremendous support in developing our other God-given powers.

Imagination makes its home in the body at a point between the eyes, where we might think of its function as that of a “third eye,” one that enables us to see beyond what we normally take in through our two physical eyes. … As we seek to develop our power of imagination for God purposes, we concentrate our attention at this point between the eyes and encourage the awakening of our power to picture God ideas.

… Here we are able to release limiting thoughts and feelings by perceiving or glimpsing something greater, our divine potentiality. It may come to us first in the form of pictures. As we communicate with other people by describing mental images, so God communicates divine ideas and plans to us by projecting greater goals and good onto the screens of our minds.

Imagination cannot be forced. It must be invited. Relaxation is important to keep the channels open in developing all the twelve powers, but it is especially necessary in working with the perceiving power within us.

The more you become interested in showing yourself pictures of happy, healthy, prosperous, joyous experiences, the easier it becomes to forget the old, limiting pictures of the past.

And while the pictures change in your mind, your body and circumstances are changing too. Because when you see it right, you set it right!